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Join date: Jul 26, 2021


Motivational speaker on mental health awareness and unchecked mental trauma that affects our daily decisions.

Entry/reentry consultant dealing with individuals that are on their way into incarceration or coming home. Helping families adjust and receive experienced, educated and honest advice and mentorship through out the process.

Having spent 13 years in the Federal System, being transferred through 5 institutions all while fighting my appeal prose, I have amassed a good amount of experience in Law and prison survival.

I transformed myself from a confused and misunderstood child (who was in and out of juvie hall starting at the age of 13 until landing in State Prison at 20 and a few years later in the feds) who blamed the World for my problems, into a self reflective human who still makes errors day in and day out, but am conscious enough to understand self and be ok enough to still love myself.

It has been a long and tiresome road to get here and I offer my services to those who are just starting on this life journey because hey.... Its a lot easier with an experienced guide.

Thomas FreeMe

Host and founder of FreeMe TV and the FreeMe Podcast

Founder of Coming Home Coalition

A non-profit (in progress) designed to reeducate America and help the families that have been turned upside down by our daily decisions.


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