7 Steps to Becoming A Certified Life Coach (Full Program)

Learn the skill of a life coach and help others find their purpose or just get over obstacles in life. Become a Coach and be a Bridge for others to succeed!



What Is a Video Book?


Video books are one of the newest learning tools, are simple to explain: they are Coach-Led classes, recorded on video, and split into 30 - 60 min.chunks so that people can digest the content and watch the videos on a particular task quickly and easily.


Video Books Are a cross between a "Live" Class and a "How to" Book.This online training option allow an individual or business to receive the same type of expert instruction they would receive from an in-person training. The difference is that they can view the video whenever it is most convenient for them, as well as watch the video as many times as they like without having to reschedule an expensive in-house training session a second or third time.

Video books also offer users the ability to view the video at their leisure, either on the computer or on portable electronic devices like the Blackberry, iPod, or other smart phones and video mp3 players.

Video Book Websites

These days there are video book websites that are, in essence, huge online training library. L.E.E.' Inc. is an in-person and video Life Coach network of more than Nine different  Life Components, each specializing in a different topic. Because these videos typically focus on one specific topic, it makes them incredibly easy to use and understand.


These how-to videos tend to be between 30 to 60 minutes in length, and can cover almost every topic that a subscriber is interested at the click of a button. Video book websites continue to update their videos regularly, so more and more video coaching guides are available on a monthly basis.


Businesses and Churches look to video books as a way to train their employees on important topics like team works without having to pay the cost of an in-house coaching, which can be thousands of dollars or more. Individuals look to video books to learn things that they need to know right away, and to receive greater instruction than they do from how-to books and DVDs.



You must purchase FAITH COACHING, COACHING, QUESTIONS, & MADE FOR A MISSION. This material will prepare you to view the video books with a deeper perspective  on life coaching. Faith coaching books comes with a free guide. Go to book store to make the purchases.



After you finish Steps 1 and 2, then you are ready to be coached by a Master Life Coach. That is Step Three. Go and set an appointment on our online appointment book to complete your life coaching program. 

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