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Reentry Navigator Certification Curriculum


I. Full Certification Course- In order to obtain full certification with our program,


The Life Empowerment Coaching Program starts with a four-hour instruction course. This is an introductory course for the Reentry Navigator Course.


II. The Reentry Navigator Course:


-Eight Hours Practicum of Coaching Practice throughout the course

-On-Going Life Coach Training with Life Empowerment (Weekly virtual ongoing training.) We have the Essentials of Reentry Navigator training. They attend this class after completing graduation. Once the Coaches complete that class, they have the opportunity to move on to higher levels of coaching and entrepreneurship.


III. What is Coaching?


IV. Different Types of Coaches – Directive and Non-Directive

-Sports or Fitness Coaching (directive)

-Business Coaching (directive)

-Real Estate Coaching (directive)

-Reentry Navigator (Coaching) (non-directive)

-Spiritual Life Coach (non-directive)

-Ministry Coaching (non-directive)


V. The Coaching Equation


X-Y by Z

Getting from X(where you are) to Y(where you want to be) by doing Z(the plan)


VI. Coaching Skills


These coaching skills are needed for an effective and successful career as a Reentry Navigator—

1. Coaching Mindset

2. Active Listening

3. Effective Communication

4. Powerful Questioning

5. People Skills


VII. The Coaching Conversation

VIII. The Coaching Process

VIV. The Coaching Topics

VV. The Coaching Sessions


There are various assignments that the Reentry Navigator In Training that must be submitted. These assignments are asked of the Coaches after their four-hour Certification Class that is held with Lee Robbins, or one of the Certified Master Life Coaches,

All the assignments are explained to the Reentry Navigator within a document when they receive their Welcome Materials at the beginning of the course.

Reentry Navigator Assignments

1. The students are expected to Coach someone for practice for at least 8 hours, and they complete a summary of the coaching session. The students can coach with different people, or they can do all coaching sessions with one person.

2. Upon graduation, the attendees in the Reentry Navigator will list their coaching availability. The reason for this is because the returning citizen will be able to go to, and then book them as a Reentry Navigator coach. The Reentry Navigator also have other opportunities for Coaching upon Graduation and throughout the certification process

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