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Become a Certified Purpose Development Coach. Empower others by coaching them to find their purpose in life. We will assist you in becoming a professional reentry coach for Life Empowerment Enterprises and make a living helping others find life and purpose.


Advanced Coaching Skill - This goes under "Purpose Development Coaching"

Purpose Development™ Coaching is an advanced coaching skill designed to help clients use purpose to optimize their life for success. It takes into account that personal and professional success requires Purpose Capital™. This is the ability to drive achievement through meaningful existence and performance, and is the game-changer when it comes to moving the needle of purpose for achievement.


Our coaches realize that in order to help clients get the most out of their investment, they must help them live in the Green Zone. (See chart below)Our coaches take into consideration that when Purpose Capital™ is high, the achievement level will be high. They are a new breed of coaches who are skilled in helping clients harvest the energy of purpose to affect change. Their clients realize that the road to success is more sophisticated than goal-setting strategies. Purpose Development™ Coaching clients are able to employ the best purpose-oriented, human development, and growth strategies to achieve their dreams and optimize their life for a greater purpose. Don't settle for leaving your clients in the Red and Yellow Zone!!!

Purpose Development Coaching

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