As Director of Training at a coaching school, new coaches were always asking me, "Do you have any of those questions you use written down somewhere?" This book is my response--an attempt to briefly present a broad range of coaching tools and illustrate each with example questions. For coaches who are in training or just starting, scanning a few key pages before your appointments will get you coaching better, faster. For experienced coaches, there are so many techniques and illustrations here that I'm sure you'll find plenty that's new.

About the Author

Tony Stoltzfus is co-founder of a coach training school, author of five coaching books and numerous training programs (including a new Open Source coach training initiative), and has presented nearly 100 coach training workshops around the country. He focuses on transformational coaching with an international clientele of pastors, non-profit leaders and businesspeople. Tony serves on the board of a non-profit that brings coaching to leaders in emerging nations, and leads a relationally-based coaching network that seeks to build coaches into authentic communities and rally them to join in acts of generosity and service.

Coaching Questions Book

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